Connected Health defined at ENJECT Porto workshop

400w-porto-workshopResearchers from across Europe came together in INESC, Campus da FEUP, Porto on the 9th of March to agree on the definition of Connected Health.

In a one day workshop, academics, clinicians, industry and policy representatives took a multi-disciplinary approach to the challenge of defining what is, in effect is a utopian vision that consists of many building blocks.

The agreed scope statement was for the ENJECT network resulting from the workshop read as follows:

“Connected Health is a paradigm shift looking after the individual and community health in a process that speaks to the health journey of the person through the entire lifespan leveraging a variety of technologies to do so.”

The next steps for ENJECT were agreed and include the drafting of a survey document and completion of the document by ENJECT representatives for their respective countries.  The network will also produce a white paper that describes the problem, the vision, and the requirements.