Travel Grants Available for Connected Health Research

COST Action TD 1405 ENJECT invites researchers from participating COST Countries to submit applications for the 1st Call of the Grant Period for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) Applications for missions occurring between 22nd September 2017​ and 26th March 2018.

Purpose of a STSM

STSMs are aimed at strengthening existing networks and fostering collaborations by allowing Researchers participating in a given COST Action to visit an Institution/Organisation in another Participating COST country/an approved NNC institution or an approved IPC institution. A STSM should specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of the COST Action, whilst at the same time allowing those partaking in the missions to learn new techniques and to gain access to specific data, instruments, and/or methods not available in their own institutions/organisations.

An overview of STSMs and their requirements can be found at the link below:

Overview of STSMs

Please see an outline of the application process at the following link:

Application Process

The following theme is applicable to applications for this round of STSMs.

Technology Needs and Constraints for Pervasive Connected Health

Following a period of intensive innovation in the area of Connected Health (CH) technology which has resulted in a range of scientific and commercial outputs, including standards, technologies, and best practices, the CH movement is now at a plateau stage where an understanding needs to be developed of how to address the lingering issues that continue to impede the progress of many initiatives from idea to market. These issues may range from technical (size, power consumption, lack of reliability) to algorithmic (diagnostic quality, robustness) and contextual (safety, security, lack of metrics) to workflow ones (user experience, evaluation quality) to business models (reimbursement, value inversion from sickness to wellness, payer/user divides).

The goal for our STSMs in the next phase of ENJECT is to develop an exhaustive list of current issues in CH, detailing their specifics and pointing out possible solutions as a starting point for discussion. This should be supported by testimonies of a full range of stakeholders (e.g. healthcare providers, patients, carers, and researchers in academia and industry). Of particular interest are examples of existing products which, for some reason, are not going to market, or examples of specific healthcare practices or treatments which are not yet possible because of concrete technological limitations. This work should enable us to construct a road-map for the next stage of development in CH by laying out the technical, commercial, and governance mechanisms that are needed for the continuing growth of CH.

Deadline for applications to be submitted: 8th September 2017

Notification of application outcome: 15th September 2017

Period of STSM: 22nd September 2017​ and 26th March 2018

All STSM activities must occur in their entirety within the period specified above.

Please note that the application page has been integrated in e-COST allowing the future STSM applicants to create a complete e-COST profile at the same time as their STSM application. This will help the applicants to download their Grant Notification Letter as soon as the application is approved.

STSM applications can now be made by clicking on the following link:

If you have any questions relating to an STSM application, please contact STSM co-ordinator, Kristina Drusany Staric ( or Jennifer (